Musing About Meadows!

By September 16, 2022 Articles

Watch this meadow evolve from early spring to late summer.


Meadows are making more regular appearances in our gardens here at CHLA. It’s fun to watch them evolve from season to season and year to year as dormant seed beds awake.

We love a green lawn – it’s a staple of the American dream. But meadows are the dream of landscape architects. We could compare lawns to meadows and debate the merits of each, but we think there’s a time and place for both…and this blog post is about showing off some of our favorite meadows.

We hope you enjoy these photos of meadows we’ve been working on as much as we do. There is so much energy, activity, color, texture that you can sense just from looking at the photos. Imagine what it feels like to walk through one!

A selection of marvelous meadows…

Thanks to Larry Weaner Landscape Associates who collaborated with us on several of these projects.